Morningside Farmer’s Market

Morningside Farmers Market, like many of the markets in Atlanta, hosts a Chef’s Demonstration every Saturday morning.  Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Joey Ward, Executive Chef of Kevin Gillespie’s renowned, Gunshow.



On the menu: VEGAN (not typically what I would look for, but HOLY SHIT…) Coconut Curry Creamed Corn.  Although Gunshow claims to be a “Southern Restaurant”, you can find anything from In-N-Out style burgers, to Thai inspired dishes, served dim-sum-style by the chefs themselves.


No, I haven’t been there. However, I will be making a reservation today.  Which means, I should hopefully make it to dinner in about a month or so.  Stay tuned for updates…

Morningside Farmers Market is the first and only farmers market in Atlanta that requires all produce to be certified organic.  This week, there seemed to be a theme going on…  We picked up some purple bell peppers, purple okra, and mini eggplant.  They taste the same as their traditionally colored brothers, but I think they make for much better presentation.purple okra.jpg


After shopping, drop into Morningside Kitchen, located in the former Rosebud space.  Morningside Kitchen is brought to you Tom Murphy, of Murphy’s (arguably one the best brunch’s in the city for the past 35 years), and boasts a very similar menu to that of it’s predecessor.  Try the house recipe Bloody Mary.  After all, what’s farmer’s market shopping on a Saturday morning, without a boozy vegetable based refreshment?  It’s fabulously appropriate.







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