New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020. This was my fifth season. So here we are at Halloween, fashion month is over, and I owe you guys a synopsis.

Let’s begin with why September (and February) is referred to as “fashion month”… When the “Big 4” fashion capitals of the world host their own Fashion Week. It begins with New York, then London, Milan, and Paris. During each week, designers showcase their collections for the season ahead. My goal is to make it to them all one day, but not until I have a legit number of invitations and a schedule that will justify flying across the globe. The New York hustle will not cut it in Paris (or says my pocketbook and husband). But the sportswear that continues to be a trend in NY has me thirsty for the haute couture ensembles that Paris is (and always will be IMHO) known for.

There are two types of “shows” that take place during Fashion Week: Runway shows and presentations. A runway show takes place with (surprise!) a runway. The audience is seated and the entire show last about 10 minutes and can be quite theatrical. Presentations, on the other hand usually take place in a more obscure venue like a bookstore, loft, or boutique. The models are stationed throughout the space and pose as mannequins, with the audience walking around them, taking in a 360 view and snapping photos. Presentations last from 30 minutes to an hour (or longer if a cocktail party is incorporated).

But what else makes fashion week, FASHION WEEK?! Street style, parties, and networking with people who have the same fashion focused obsession. Although most of the events currently take place in Tribecca, all of Manhattan becomes a playground for the fashion lovers of the world. Every corner of the street turns into a stage and photoshoots are happening next to you while you wait for your morning coffee at Starbucks. By now you should have a greater understanding of why I can’t stay away. Here are some shots that I took from people I met there – at Spring Studios, in the street, at our hotel, and reconnections from past seasons…

Now, I’d be remiss to not mention trends, so here’s a snapshot: Athleisure, Monochromatic Palettes, baggy trousers, mom jeans, couletttes, sneakers, mixed prints, wild colors reminiscent of sherbet, vintage pieces mixed with bright modern graphics. As I mentioned before, NYC is trennnndy. NYFW embraces athelisure, and chaos. That being said, I still got to witness the most beautiful collection in person, by Cong Tri. Not familiar with Cong Tri? Perhaps you’re familiar with the iconic yellow gown that Beyonce wore to The Lion King premiere? This Vietnamese designer’s international clientele includes influential celebrities and social icons such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Jacqueline Fernandez. Less and less European designers are coming to NY (they often showcase in London, Paris, and Milan), but Asian designers are on the rise and currently at the forefront of fashion.


February was my fourth season attending NYFW, something that I used to only wish I could experience. What’s the lesson here? DO WHAT YOU WANT. Just go out there and take it. I’m not waiting to be invited to anything. I flew to NYC alone, dressed up, showed up, and it was incredible.

2019 Styles

Red is very in right now. The Pantone 2019 Color of the Year is “Living Coral”, which is an orangey red, but there were reds of all shades on the runway and the streets. I dig it. Other trending colors: lavender (yes, still), marigold, pistachio, winter white.

This season featured the most wearable looks I’ve seen so far. So much great tailoring, power suits, layering, bold prints, feminine prints, and more fur (of course, I love that). Less avant-garde than one would expect from NYFW runways. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice many guests trying SO HARD to come across as avant-garde, street-fashion was an explosion of athleisure, and neon colors. I have to shake my head. I do realize that I’m the minority here.

On Sunday, I had the honor of attending the Rebecca Minkoff runway show. She showcased her Spring/Summer collection, instead of showing looks for this coming Fall/Winter, as is traditionally done at February shows. Mixing many different fabrics and creating a lot of layers with feminine, yet bold prints. Hot white, electric blue, red, every finish of black, and bold patterns. Belts also played a big role in this collection. Belts are very much a highlight in fashion right now and are being paired with everything. Belt loops are no longer needed and honestly, pants are the most unlikely pairing.

Rebecca Minkoff SS19 Runway Show – February 10, 2019 – Spring Studios, NY, NY

A Nod to the Disco Era

Naeem Khan presented a runway show featuring ’60s/’70s inspired looks with an array of mixed textures including velvet, floral embroidery, sequins, and ruffles. I wrote a blog post specifically about mixing textures here.

Michael Kors also embraced the ’70s decade, complete with disco balls and Barry Manilow in sequins, singing Copacabana on the runway.

“I think this collection is very much my love letter to the melting pot of New York City. There’s a lot of dance influences for the disco dollies, ballerinas, ball room dancers, or the modern dancer, there’s movement!” – Michael Kors (taken from an interview with @margoandme, of Neiman Marcus)

Michael Kors FW19 – NYFW- February 2019

Neon Hues

Neon Colors – not my cup of tea, but I’d be remiss not to mention the overwhelming array of neon hues that covered the streets of Tribeca. Christian Cowan‘s collection embodied this trend.

Christian Cowan FW19 – NYFW – February 2019

Monochromatic Palettes

Monochromatic palettes were all over fashion week. Phillip Lim showed simple palettes of grey, white, or black with clean straight lines. Brandon Maxwell‘s show (no, I was not fortunate enough to attend in person, but did watch it live online) was probably my favorite. His collection boasted mostly solids, black and white with a few pops of pink, green and blue.

Brandon Maxwell FW19 NYFW

Cushnie presented a series of monochromatic looks in (surprise, surprise) lavender, black, red, etc.

HELLO, Ralph Lauren. You are speaking my language. This collection was made entirely of a white, black, and bold gold metallic color palette. I guess he has the monochromatic thing going but this is a FAR CRY from the majority right now. You won’t see chunky sneakers, neon hues or mismatched patterns on his runway. {insert Wayne & Garth screaming “WE’RE NOT WORTHY!”}

Also trending, or should I say finally inclusive, Plus Size. Gracing the runways of some of the industries top talent, including Christian Siriano, 11 Honore, and Rebecca Minkoff. Fashion is now available (and being celebrated) for women of all sizes. Cheers to that.

Photos (of me) by Viva Lux Photography


More is More. If you know me at all, this should not surprise you. I go hard on details, and New York Fashion Week brings out my most extreme self, as you can see here – I’m mixing all the textures. With the temperatures in the twenties and anticipated bone-chilling winds, I knew I had to figure out how to dress for fashion week but not freeze to death (note: anything under 60 degrees is unacceptable, only exception being NYC).

The answer: Layers and of course, FUR. The goal is cover as much of my body as possible, keep my feet warm, but still make a statement. I wore a black tulle and lace skirt, a gold sequin long sleeve top, a black and brown striped faux fur coat, black tights, and cognac leather boots (by Zimmerman, no longer available). Every material and texture that I could tie into one look. This color palette is my absolute favorite, which makes mixing so many different materials okay without looking crazy.

IMHO, you do not have to choose a singular style to base your wardrobe or personal look on, put anything on your body that you love. These short Zimmerman boots are no doubt leaning toward the oh so popular western trends that blew up last year and are here to stay for a least a few seasons I think (wanna see more? Follow Coachella goers on IG this April). Yet, I wear them with anything from skinny jeans to a tutu. Do your own thing, and never doubt your creativity. Someone doesn’t like it? They can unfollow ūüôā

Mixing textures: How do you wear things like silk, sequins, leather, fur, metal, all at once without looking like a hot mess? Try to stick within the same color family. With that in mind, distressed denim is an easy way to start… pair some shredded skinny jeans with a delicate lace top, velvet jacket, and sleek patent leather heels. Boom… four textures that give an “everyday outfit” (jeans, top, shoes, jacket) a little extra oomph, in an obvious way because there are FOUR textures, not just maybe two. It makes it more obvious. Another tip: look for repeating patterns in different textures. I chose this skirt before I added the coat to this look. Why? Notice the vertical stripes in the coat and the vertical seams in the tulle and lace. It carries the eye from top to bottom and although many may do a double take if I were wearing this around Atlanta (which is nothing new to me), it just works.

I’ve linked similar items to what I’m wearing below (scroll to the bottom, past the images). Below my outfit, I’ve linked items that I think would look great together if you’re ready to make the (bold) move, or just take a peek for inspiration. Stay tuned for less about my outfits, more about trends that I saw, on the street and on runway, at NYFW FW 2019.

Photography by: Viva Lux Photography


I have returned. ¬†My last fashion post was about New York Fashion Week (September), and here we are only 10 weeks away from the Fall/Winter Shows in February. ¬†Why the hiatus, you might ask… ¬†I left my stuffy corporate job for something very different. ¬†I’m definitely on the right track now, but getting “situated” takes a little time for this particular role. ¬†Was it the right move? ¬†Absolutely. ¬†No question about it. ¬†So, slowly yet surely I will be able to create my own content again, beginning with this gem from (you guessed it), NYFW.

I thought that this final look was perfect to share right here at the holidays. ¬†Emerald green is one of my favorite colors and although breathing was issue after scoffing down all the pasta in EATLY, this has to be my favorite look of all time. ¬†Velvet is in, again. ¬†Is it even worth me mentioning that? ¬†So, raid your mother’s (or grandmother’s) closet and see what you can find. ¬†This dress was found at Buffalo Exchange consignment store in Atlanta. ¬†My dear friend, @modern.boy.vintage would be so proud. ¬†I think I paid $25 for it. ¬†The shoes are by a brand that I can’t even think of at the moment (they’re currently being re-capped on the bottoms… am I the only one who has to do that constantly?!). ¬†But they were a Christmas gift from my mom last year and really made this look complete. ¬†I mean, jewel tones, for the holidays?? Groundbreaking.

This look was shot in Tribeca. ¬†If you’re not familiar with the neighborhood, perhaps I should dedicate an entire post to my love for New York. ¬†Every corner is begging to be the setting of a fashion shoot. ¬†If only I could master the art of self-portrait (I’m looking at you, Cindy Sherman). ¬†But for now, my new friend and photographer, Alexandria Murray is killin’ it. ¬†We ran back and forth through traffic shooting this dress and then we drank champagne before I headed out to the NYFW opening party. ¬†Can life really get any better?

So, for the month of December, I leave you with this list of¬†a few of my favorite things (holiday party dresses), under $200. ¬†Scroll to the bottom…

Thanks for sticking around and have a Happy Holiday!

Holiday velvet dress

Holiday velvet dress green


Holiday Party Dresses (under $200):


It’s no surprise that the fashion of the ’90s is back. ¬†That being said, I do not take that 100% literal. ¬†This windowpane plaid suit, when buttoned up could be very reminiscent of Cher Horowitz’s iconic yellow suit from the movie, Clueless. ¬†Yes, I did skip the thigh high stockings and mini backpack purse. ¬†Sorry, Cher.

I purchased this set (sold separately) during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, hoping for it to be a great go-to outfit this Fall.  For work, I will probably pair it with pointy toe pumps, but these strappy lavender heels were perfect for bottomless mimosas at The Oyster Bar at the Roxy Hotel in Tribeca.

September in New York, in my opinion, is the perfect weather scenario.  This year, however was unusually hot.  Not only that, but it drizzled rain the entire weekend.  Hence the location of this shoot Рthe lobby of the The James Hotel.  Our original plan was to shoot it on the cobblestone streets of Chelsea, near the flower markets, but the weather would not cooperate.  If ya gotta relocate a shoot to indoors, finding a stellar hotel in NYC is cake.

Skirt suits are being seen far outside the boardroom this season. ¬†Coco Chanel made skirt suits a status symbol in the 1950s, following which time they were synonymous with business. ¬†In the ’80s women attending high brow meetings with corporations were often seen in designer skirt suits, in the ’90s they became shorter, louder in color and were suddenly trendy with teens. ¬†Now, they can go from the board room to the street.

Aimee Song pairs skirt suits with Louis Vuitton¬†Archlight Sneakers. ¬†Don’t even get me started on this sneaker trend. ¬†I¬†saw Louis and Balenciaga sneakers everywhere during fashion week, and I just don’t get it. ¬†Sometimes I gotta stand my ground and say “WTF?!”. ¬†The point is, skirt suits are still a power symbol, but times are a changing and so are the office dress codes. ¬†Yes, industry has a lot to do with it, but suits are worn less and less M-F and popping up more and more on the runways. ¬†Is this a sign that avant garde designs are becoming fewer, and more attention is being paid to tailoring and technique? ¬†Only time will tell.


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